Web Design Update Perth

Any web design built more than about 4 years ago is now out of date.

The uptake of mobile phones in Perth for looking at web pages in the past 4 years has increased significantly. In 2018 only half of the world’s web pages were viewed with desktop computers. The other half with mobile devices.

Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share Australia

Desktop Vs Mobile Stats

 Old websites typically used wide tables and wide images. Wide images can’t fit comfortably on a 300 pixel wide smartphone screen.  Yes, you can squeeze your thumb and finger to get the image to fit, but you shouldn’t have to and when you do that, the text near the image gets too small to read.
Mobifying old web pages is a stop-gap solution to the problem of fitting old, wide content web pages onto mobile phones.
The bad news is you most likely need to invest in a new mobile-friendly, responsive website. The meaning of responsive is your web pages automatically fit on smartphones and tablets (mobile devices). Before you throw your old site in the trash bin, use content and SEO work from your new site. You don’t need to do that if we rebuild your website with modern technology tools.

Our Web Design Update Service Perth

To redesign your Perth website, we’ll back up your old site offline and note:

  1. The site structure.
  2. Copywriting
  3. Page titles.
  4. Description meta tags.
  5. H tags
  6. Alt image tags
  7. etc.

We’ll optimise your old images for SEO reasons or optimise your new images you supply so as to avoid a Google penalty. Unoptimised images slow page load speed which is a search engine ranking signal.

If you want Web Designer Perth to assess your old site with a free report about it’s web design, then please contact our senior web designer via our online contact form.