Web Design Training Perth


WordPress web design in Perth for beginners Perth Web Designers PWD. For both web design training beginners and advanced web design training, the facilities, computers, use of web hosting, domain name and the Elementor WordPress page builder plugin are free.

How much is a web design training course in Perth?

Our 2024 affordably priced WordPress web design training course in Perth’s northern suburbs is at a budget price of only $77 per hour per student. If you want training at your home or office add a call-out fee of $99 to the cost of your web design training enrolment fee.

For web design training for beginners in Perth, I recommend starting off learning Google Sites. That training enrolment fee is $66 per hour per student.

In summary, all Perth web design training fees include GST and are fully tax deductible for professional development. How much it costs depends on what web design training course you choose:

  1. $66 per hour to learn, starting from the beginning, how to set up and develop a Google Site using Google’s content management system (CMS)  or
  2. $77 per to learn WordPress, the most popular CMS.

How long does web design training take?

2 hours is enough for beginners to learn how to build a website using Google’s CMS website builder.

4 hours is enough for beginners learning how to develop a website using WordPress. I recommend two separate training sessions of 2 hours each on separate days.

If you want to learn content production such as computer graphics to for example create, edit and optimise YOUR OWN images for your website or basic video production training to add your own videos to your web pages, then add 1 or 2 more hours. 

What are other costs of setting up a WordPress website in Perth?

The cost of web hosting for a new WordPress site hosting is $44 per year inc GST. 

I find and re-sell good domain names from as low as $11 per year inc GST.  I might already own a premium exact match domain name you can buy or rent. If you’re only learning how to set up a WordPress site from scratch then the hosting cost is only $4 per month for a WordPress site, while Google’s website hosting is free.  If you want a domain name to work with your site then your instructor will advise the best domain name for your business for future SEO and help you to buy your domain name IN YOUR NAME and how to connect your domain name with your site. Domain names are not essential for web design training but @ $11 per year is a worthwhile bit of intellectual property (IP) to secure before someone else does.

In summary, web design training course costs in Perth are at very affordable prices. The benefit to your employers is significant while the professional development stays with you and is transportable with you to your next better job.


WordPress Web Design Training for Beginners in Perth WA.

WordPress web design training in Perth is important because nearly every business organisation in Perth WA has a website that needs updating. Most of the websites in the world are made with WordPress’s content management system (CMS).

What are benefits of WordPress web design training?

  1. You’ll be more useful to your boss after web design training.
  2. You’re not dependent on web designers to change your site.
  3. Faster changes to a website than waiting for web designers to come back from their holidays.
  4. Your training website development can be a cheap way to get a new website. ie Training costs + $10 domain name + $44 web hosting.
  5. A VERY CHEAP way to maintain a website. You will be trained on how to do monthly site updates such as updating WordPress plugins.
  6. The web design skills you’ll gain can be applied to other applications such as MS Office software, copywriting, content production, etc.
  7. With web design training leading to web design skills, you’ll be closer to senior company executives and in line to join the executive team.
  8. Improved employability, employment mobility and better pay.  You’ll not just have the potential to work as a web designer in Perth but anywhere in the world.

Affordable web design training Perth.

What is included in the basic web design training course in Perth WA?

  1. Keyword research.
  2. Selecting/buying a short, exact match domain name based on keyword research.
  3. How to set up good reliable web hosting.
  4. Enabling simple SSL for secure websites
  5. Linking your domain name with your new web design.
  6. Setting up cache management
  7. Web development brief
  8. Selecting the best lightweight WordPress themes for SEO and modifying a WordPress theme. Think of atheme as a website template.
  9. Elementor page builder training Perth.
  10. Learn how to edit/add content to your web pages and posts.
    1. Words
    2. Menus
    3. Headers
    4. Footer
    5. Basic computer graphics. Learn how to crop, resize and optimise images/photos before uploading and adding to web pages.
    6. Online Forms
    7. Buttons
    8. H tags
    9. Maps
    10. Videos
    11. Dynamic charts from spreadsheets.
  11. How to set slugs (the URL of a web page).
  12. How to turn dirty URLs into meaningful keyword-rich URLs.
  13. How to add users. (others who can edit site web pages)
  14. Backing up websites using cPanel and downloading your website backup
  15. Disaster site recovery. (Uploading/restoring your site backup)
  16. Updating plugins.
  17. Speeding up page load speed.
  18. How to test sites for broken links
  19. How to test sites for duplicate content.
  20. How to add social follow buttons.
  21. How to use AI copywriting for SEO that is persuasive and informative for your web pages.
AI copywriting training Perth.
AI copywriting training Perth.

Get the best persuasive, informative, SEO-friendly copy for your web pages. AI is a good, easy-to-teach tool for web content production which is used for Ai copywriting in Perth and even image production for content marketing.

How long is a basic WordPress training course in Perth?

Basic Web Design training in Perth course length is recommended a minimum of 4 hours in two blocks of 2 hours on separate days. @ $77 per hour. That is a cheap price for one on one, web design training in Perth. The price of web design training in Perth enrolment for the first 2 hour session is a total of $145 inc GST which can be paid on arrival. If you have web design training questions, phone your experienced trainer, Ben Grummels on 0418958799 Sam delivers basic WordPress web design training in Melbourne.

Advanced WordPress Web Design Training Perth

This advanced WordPress web design training in Perth or Melbourne includes anything students would like to cover in the basic web design training described above, plus:

  1. More advanced WordPress training features such as further customisation of WordPress themes to make your site more attractive and unique.
  2. Computer graphics software training.
  3. How to edit headers and footers.
  4. Editing style sheets
  5. Optional eCommerce training for those running online shops
  6. How to import your existing website from your current, maybe unreliable web hosting service provider to a new web hosting service provider.
  7. Optional content delivery network (CDN) training and implementation for sites wanting faster loading for better international digital marketing.
  8. PHP updates and configuration.
  9. Advanced SSL setup.

The advanced web design training in Perth or Melbourne enrollment is $200 per hour. Advanced web design training in Perth or Melbourne course length is recommended a minimum of 4 hours. If you have advanced web design training questions, phone your experienced trainer, Sam on 0404852525. This advanced WordPress web design training course needs to be booked and the enrolment price of $440 inc GST paid at least one week in advance.

Web Design Training for Your Live Website

Web design training in Perth or Melbourne is a cheap way to turn your web design training into your own live website with ongoing WordPress training from our web designers in Perth or Melbourne. The only additional reoccurring costs are:

  1. $4 per month web hosting.
  2. $48 per year domain name renewal.
  3. Optional, no contract, $600 SEO prices in Perth.