Robotic knee replacement Perth.

Knee Surgery Perth

Leading Perth orthopaedic surgeon Dr Daniel Meyerkort is an expert knee specialist surgeon in Perth Western Australia. His orthopaedic advice/consultations support GPs and orthopaedic surgeons Western Australia-wide with Telehealth consultations for non-surgical or surgical knee ACL injury treatment after ACL tears needing arthroscopic surgery for torn meniscus or ruptured ACLs, often a result of a sports injury.

If you suffer from chronic knee pain, book a consultation appointment with Dr Meyerkort to see what non-surgical or surgical solution is best to treat your injured hip or injured shoulder in Perth WA.

Dr Blakeney’s orthopaedic clinic office is at St John of God’s Hospital in Subiaco which is one of the hospitals in Perth/WA where he and his orthopaedic support team do operations to fix hip, knee and shoulder problems.