Truck upgrade service Perth.

New Vehicle Upgrades Perth

Truck, Car, Ute, Van

New Vehicle Upgrades Perth

At Perth Auto Upgrades, we provide the latest in vehicle upgrades including a wide range of performance enhancements and customisation options. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your ride with the latest features, or just want to give it a unique personal touch, we can help.

The team of Perth vehicle upgrade engineers at TL Engineering can assist with all types of vehicle upgrades

Perth Upgrading Services of Trucks, Cars, Utes, Vans and 4WDs

  • Improve the handling, performance, and stability of your vehicle with a suspension upgrade. We can help you choose the right kit for your make and model.
  • Brake Upgrades – Upgrade or replace brakes to improve stopping power and safety.
  • ECU Remapping – Increase horsepower
  • Chasis strengthening
  • Upgrading special-purpose mining vehicles including fleets of mining vehicles.
Perth vehicle upgrade of a big tyre handling truck.

What is the meaning of upgrading a vehicle?

Upgrading a vehicle means making improvements or modifications to the vehicle in order to improve its performance, functionality, comfort and appearance. This can include installing aftermarket parts such as suspension systems, exhaust systems, wheels, brakes and engine components. It may also involve customising the interior of the vehicle to add features like steering wheel audio controls or a navigation system.

How to register a modified vehicle in Australia?

In order to register a modified vehicle in Australia, you must first have the modifications approved and certified by an authorised engineer working for TL Engineering. You will need to submit your application for approval before registering the vehicle. It is important to note that some modifications may require additional paperwork or inspections depending on the type of modification being done. Once all documents are submitted and approved and the certificate payment is made, the vehicle owner will be issued with a valid vehicle certificate.

Vehicle Certification Perth.

Where Can I get Vehicle Certification in Perth?

TL Engineering is a leading automotive engineering firm located in Perth, Australia. We are approved by the Western Australian Department of Transport and Main Roads to certify all types of vehicle modifications. With over 30 years of experience, our team is well-equipped to handle any modification required for roadworthiness certificate or registration plate approval. We offer an efficient and cost-effective vehicle modification certification service that ensures safe vehicles are certified for their intended use.

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